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Our Story

I began Always Aloha Leis in 2013 while living and working in Maui. It all started when an 'auntie" whom I met upcountry taught me to make these beautiful yarn leis and the rest, as they say, is history.

My desire was to gift these leis to friends in Eugene. I wanted each lei to be meaningful, while capturing the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. My friends were amazed by the softness, vibrant colors, and the meaning behind the leis. Their support inspired me to to share the aloha spirit with more people. The tradition of giving leis has grown over the years, especially here on the West Coast. 

Fresh flower leis are shipped to the mainland but they  only last a day. Our leis are indeed special in that they are a forever keepsake in the color you love. Join the Oregon’s sports culture during tailgate season or remember that special event with your loved ones. 


- Gul Ibrahim

The Always Aloha Family

Always Aloha Leis was founded based on the tradition of giving handcrafted leis as a representation of aloha. Not only is each lei meticulously crafted, but each one has a special meaning to the wearer. These handcrafted leis are a physical representation of special memories, accomplishments, and traditions that we celebrate with our Always Aloha Family. Follow us on Facebook to be part of it! 

Oregon Incubator Program

Eugene is a very inclusive community and we all like to support each other here. We were very grateful to be part of the Oregon Incubator Program and are incredibly thankful for the local support. Hope you enjoy our University of Oregon leis!


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